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Hospitals Katten Kurt is here, and he wants to show you some of his favorite games! So, grab your phone and let's get going!  Join Kurt for 4 exciting games, Cannons, Find 7, Mane Angreb, and Whack-a-Mole!  

 Hospitals Katten Kurt is the product of a cooperation between the design and architecture school, KADK, and the central hospital, Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen where game design students were assigned with the task to make hospital visits less intimidating for young adults and children.  The game itself is an Augmented Reality game which uses scannable images to display playing fields. The games would be spread out around the hospital for the children to explore, thus making the hospital a more playful and inviting place.


The game is currently only made for Android.


The team members of the projects are:  

 Anders Christian Larsson

Emma Lerche

Mathilde Sofie Brix Laursen

Install instructions

Download, unzip and follow the instructions inside. There is a secondary installtion guide how to install on your Android device


HospitalsKattenKurt.zip 62 MB

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