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The game was fun. I Loved the idea and it could make a create story game to it to. 

I had fun playing it :) 

I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here.

It was anxious. Thank you for this game! :)

I played your game in a video I made. I hope you enjoy it.

Your game starts at 7:30

I couldn't finish the game....But I loved it all the same! Also, 10/10 amazing audio.

Bro this game is insane . Awesome work and nice graphics :)) 5/5


Hey guys! In this viedo I play three horror games from this awsome platform and "Apartment 3906" is one of them!

If you're interested then klick that video:)

Nice game! Really atmospheric. Would be nice to have that story in the game as well, because without reading it, this bit confusing. or ofc dead people and newspaper... but still. I still enjoyed the game! Don't get me wrong :D

Well done! What you achieved in such a small amount of time is awesome! Make more games and I'll keep playing them;)

Flashlight not Included



very cool game! I love the whole idea, would love to see this developed further! 


Take a look!

This was a nice immersive experience. My only issue with games like this was the total darkness. I get having shadows and keeping it creepy, but being able to seeshadows of things rather than just black I believe can create a better expierence. Other than that. I still enjoyed it. Nice and short! hope you find my video worthy of your creation.


Awesome game, gave it a try!

Thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough, felt it was very original and built tension in all the best ways. I was slightly confused at the start as to what was deemed "evidince" but once I figured it out, the rest felt more natural. I did struggle at the end. Overall, a very positive experience from a horror game that stands out from the (very oversaturated) crowd of itchio! Grats!

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It was hard understand whether or not that was the end of the demo, because it just goes straight to the menu without even giving an end message like, "Thanks for playing this demo". So did I actually reach the end of it? Or is there something I was supposed to do, and I screwed up?

Nah you’re good. This was only a project meant for a school assignment, so I never planned on publishing it. But I’ll make sure to do that in future titles. 

Thanks for playing!


Pretty good for its' length. Nice use of sounds and visuals to get across some creepiness in a short time.


Aw, thank you, and thank YOU for playing and taking your time to write to us!



Dude, Markiplier played your game! Not this video, this one's me, but that's pretty cool!

Those goosebumps though :O

Thanks for playing, hopefully we didn’t give you a phobia for cameras. 


Thank you for creating it. Keep doing what you're doing!

I thought the game was interesting, whatever story it had wasn't exactly easy to see meaning you had to actually investigate if you wanted to know a story, personally I'm so lazy I won't even try but alot of other people would enjoy this

Thanks for playing, and I agree. The story aspect requires some effort since we tried to avoid the “on the nose exposition”. That being said I think it could benefit of some voice acting, subtitles and an inventory with gathered clues etc etc. 

Hope to make a story that is easier to follow in further titles. 

Again: thanks for playing and sharing  


Very nice game. HAIL SATAN!


Thanks for playing and sharing! 




I liked the game ! seriously it has so much meaning ! at first I was disappointed by the ending then I sat down and did an investigation and explained almost everything in the game ! ( I actually filmed the process and backed it up with evidence ! )

so the game was like two games to me !

Thanks for making the game !

and here's my video I hope you enjoy it !

Dang, there is so much effort put in to your video, we love it. 

Thank you so much for playing and sharing!


I really enjoyed making the video !

Thank you for making the game :)

I wish there were a few more "scary" parts but overall, it was a good game!

I liked it. I just wish there was a little more of that good spooky stuff. But great job anyways!

This game although short is quite good. I'm not entirely sure what to make of it other than it reminds me of a section of the game Cry of Fear. I look forward to seeing what you have coming next

This is a good game, really scared me, but again I am a big baby!

Thanks, glad you liked it and got spooped! 



I loved this game even if it's short. Gave me some Fatal Frame vibes. Can't wait to see what you do next, or maybe expand on this idea. 


Hi there, thanks for playing! 

I have intentions of making more horror titles in the future, I might keep working on this when I have more time, but for now Apartment 3906 is on ice. The mechanics might return for future titles though! 

Again, thanks for playing and sharing! 


It's honestly a fun game. I seriously can't wait to see what you work on.

Tjenixen! I just included your game in my latest Horror Games video! Hoppas det smakar!

Skip to 6:42 to see when I play your game!


Tjena, tack för att du spelade, kul med svensk publik, haha!


Ja, verkar inte vara många svennar, eller folk från Skandinavien rent generellt, häromkring, haha!
Ser fram emot dina framtida projekt! Keep it up!

good short horror game i like to see more

Thanks for playing and sharing! 

I'll be making more horror games in the future, hopefully longer ones! 


Guys, I really REALLY hate the fact that this game is so short!!! I REALLY ENJOYED this game. I was literally scared, about to crap my pants lol. I wish it was longer. GREAT GAME! Check out my game play lol!

Aw, thank you so much, pooping your pants it's the highest praise in horror game circles. 

But yes, the development cycle was only two weeks, therefore the short length, but I'm looking to make more horror titles in the future, hopefully longer ones. 

Again: Thanks for playing and sharing, we appreciate it! 


I really liked the camera mechanic,  but just wish the story was a little more fleshed out. The scares were good, the tension was great and that knocking really gets to you. This was the first game I played in my video.

Thank you for playing and sharing, we appreciate it!

Yeah, the story is convoluted and we've only offered straws to grasp after, and if we made this as a complete title we would adress that with a more in depth story. However, seeing that this was made in two weeks we only had time to make a short game, and we rather wanted people wanting more than ending the game in "exposition hell" or a wall of text.

But rest assure, future titles or updates will offer more story. 


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Hello there! Real nice job in your game! I can't wait to play it more because it was a little bit too short in my point of view! keep it up! 

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Looking forward to see what else they implement into this game! Come check out my short playthough!

Thank you for playing, we might add some few things to the game, but for now development is on hold until we have a clear schedule. 

But I'm for sure planning on making more horror games in the future. 


love the game very fun and spooky! like how you use the  camrea as a flash light and a way to find clues! cant wait for more games from you!!

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Thank you! There's more horror coming for sure. 


your welcome and cant wait!!

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