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Not much too it, extremely short, but what is there is effectively creepy and unsettling. The visual style, coupled with the camera being both the progression tool and the only source of light, works very well. There is no ambient sound or loud, distracting background music, only the sound of the player character's footsteps and an ever present ominous tone. The story is told, or rather, heavily implied, by the various items found in the apartment rather than being spelled out directly and explained in full, leaving much up to the speculation/interpretation/imagination of the player. Again, very short, could have been so much more if fleshed out and made longer, but what's there does what it was meant to do and does it well. 
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Panic Inducing, Fun as hell <3

This game looked great, felt great and was overall.. great ! I do wish it was a little longer as there could have been so much more built upon this. For what it was, fantastic little game !

I made a video on your game if you want to give it a watch :)

It was a short horror game but it looked very nice and was very interesting

We liked your game very much! It would be amazing to have a full game! The idea has so much potential! Nice work 👌🏻!

Thanks, who knows, the idea might be revisited one day ;)

love your game :):):)

Thanks :)



Very well done game, spooky ;)

Was a really fun game. The way the darkness felt thick and took away the player's viseion was really well done. And as you go closer to a light source, thigns light up; that was well done and added to the overall game feel of horror. Another thing that was great were the footsteps towards the end of the game; that was done really well and spooked me a lot. I think the story was effectively shown through the thigns that the player takes photographs of if one thinks about it more after thye are done with the game. SO maybe making the story a little more obvious might make it a more wholesome experience. Other than that it's a really well made game with a great environment and ambience! 

Reminds me of Silent Hill: the Room. Great work!

good game (starts at 26:40)

-Made a Video. (Old Video)

So, I know this is an older game but it just looked so great honestly with the design I had to try and out. Holy crap dude you didn't disappoint. The game as a whole just felt very clean and really was the scariest game I did for my 3 scary games episode. The camera aspect really was got me the most since that was your only source of lighting feature and the confined space really sells the terror much better than an open environment can in other games at times. So thank you for creating this fun and unique game, my only complaint is that I wish there was more to do in the game. I will definitely have to check out any other horror game you make my dude. Your game starts at 13:14 

Interesting experience.

Played your game in today's 3 random horror games video and OMG I loved it so much, honestly this was one of the scariest horror games I played in such a long time. Everything about it was terrifying. I liked how you only had your camera as your light source and taking pictures was the only way you could see, that was a neat idea. And all the creepy sounds you would hear around the room like shit, it was so unnerving! 

The game was fun. I Loved the idea and it could make a create story game to it to. 

I had fun playing it :) 

I'm in love with this game. Please also check mine out here.

It was anxious. Thank you for this game! :)

I played your game in a video I made. I hope you enjoy it.

Your game starts at 7:30

I couldn't finish the game....But I loved it all the same! Also, 10/10 amazing audio.

Bro this game is insane . Awesome work and nice graphics :)) 5/5


Hey guys! In this viedo I play three horror games from this awsome platform and "Apartment 3906" is one of them!

If you're interested then klick that video:)

Nice game! Really atmospheric. Would be nice to have that story in the game as well, because without reading it, this bit confusing. or ofc dead people and newspaper... but still. I still enjoyed the game! Don't get me wrong :D

Well done! What you achieved in such a small amount of time is awesome! Make more games and I'll keep playing them;)

Flashlight not Included



very cool game! I love the whole idea, would love to see this developed further! 


Take a look!

This was a nice immersive experience. My only issue with games like this was the total darkness. I get having shadows and keeping it creepy, but being able to seeshadows of things rather than just black I believe can create a better expierence. Other than that. I still enjoyed it. Nice and short! hope you find my video worthy of your creation.


Awesome game, gave it a try!

Thoroughly enjoyed my playthrough, felt it was very original and built tension in all the best ways. I was slightly confused at the start as to what was deemed "evidince" but once I figured it out, the rest felt more natural. I did struggle at the end. Overall, a very positive experience from a horror game that stands out from the (very oversaturated) crowd of itchio! Grats!

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It was hard understand whether or not that was the end of the demo, because it just goes straight to the menu without even giving an end message like, "Thanks for playing this demo". So did I actually reach the end of it? Or is there something I was supposed to do, and I screwed up?

Nah you’re good. This was only a project meant for a school assignment, so I never planned on publishing it. But I’ll make sure to do that in future titles. 

Thanks for playing!


Pretty good for its' length. Nice use of sounds and visuals to get across some creepiness in a short time.


Aw, thank you, and thank YOU for playing and taking your time to write to us!



Dude, Markiplier played your game! Not this video, this one's me, but that's pretty cool!

Those goosebumps though :O

Thanks for playing, hopefully we didn’t give you a phobia for cameras. 


Thank you for creating it. Keep doing what you're doing!

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